Ten of the best types of combat knives

Ten of the best types of combat knives

Combat knife designed in accordance with its priority function - the destruction of the enemy. The design of these weapons vary, depending on the requirements of a special unit, but, ideally, combat knife must meet several major requirements, allowing the soldier to use it most effectively. In this article, we present the ten types of the most famous and most popular fighting knives, which are still in service are some of the world's armies.


This Spanish knife has become a symbol of vengeance - they enjoyed the hot southern guys to explain to the enemy, who's actually right. Navajo came up with the peasants in order to circumvent the existing ban on the long blades. Knife decomposed hand on the butt has a lock, which became the prototype of the modern bekloka.

Bowie knife

Typical modern weapons rednecks invented a veteran of the Texas Revolution, Colonel James Bowie. This huge cutlass with Garden in the form of crosses, loved to carry for a Crocodile Dundee in the eponymous film. The knife is not very convenient to use as weapons of war - except that, suddenly you are transported back to the Middle Ages, where without a sword just can not do. Machete

Another gift from the sunny Spain: machete - wide, long sword with unilateral sharpening. Such a thing is equally convenient to clear its way in the bush and cut off the enemy's head. During the Vietnam War, machetes were used extensively by American soldiers: army hatchets have a hollow handle for NC and serrated blade.


Knife is designed to solve just one problem - killing an opponent. KARAMBIT equipped with sickle-shaped blade with the inner sharpening. Proper grip - reverse, especially for convenience on the handle has a special ring for the forefinger. The blade is not long, it was convenient to carry it the murder weapon in his pocket.


The famous "Butterfly Knife", an indispensable attribute of every yard guy from the 90s. In the Philippines, balisong is widely used in schools, knife fighting. Disclosure of the blade - a separate song, performed by some skilled craftsmen with a truly circus antics.


In the time of the Philippine Revolution bolo knife experienced a renaissance. This agricultural implement, easy for cutting thicket, turned into a terrible nightmare soldiers of the American army. Bolo is backward and arched sharpening blade - apparently it's a cross between a machete and a kukri. Kukri

The famous kukri, military weapons Nepalese Gurkhas, more like a medieval instrument of mass murder. The blade has an internal grinding and reverse camber, the owner of a genuine kukri tries not to part with the knife ever. For Gurkha kukri - specific symbol for the owner of the caste of warriors.


The history of this knife goes back to the beginning of the Middle Ages. Tanto was the last argument of the Samurai: shortened blade, conveniently hidden in the bamboo sheath, often deciding the course of the battle alone. The usual length of the blade - 30 centimeters, sharpening is both unilateral and bilateral.


Kvaykena cutting edge of the blade can be compared with a razor blade. Kvayken wear and carry with them for self-defense, the knife is the best suited for concealed carry.

push dagger

Most likely, the progenitor push dagger, or perpender knife, was an Indian catarrh. Weapons it became popular during the gold rush - then the knife was considered a "last chance" gold digger. It is difficult to use for anything other than self-defense, but the role it performs perfectly.