How to detect an ambush

How to detect an ambush

Knowledgeable person can detect in advance ambush and he will do it competently. And for this you need to know and take into account some signs that betray the forest newcomers.

1. Smell:

- Smell. The smell can detect the presence and nature of enemy action at the moment, or before he notices. Cigarette smoke can be felt hundreds of meters, as well as the smell of cooking.

For people who rarely or never to use cream or soap and other things, it is very easy to identify them at a great distance. There are areas where it is advisable not to use soap and others. Eat only what the locals eat.

2. Touch

- Determine the nature of terrain you will touch. The use of touch for studying objects requires consideration of four factors: the shape, moisture, temperature, structure. The ability to correctly identify the nature of the subject can save your life: detecting extensions, wiring with exposed arms, branches, ropes with a small weight.

3. Hearing. Sounds. Eavesdropping.

Sound chambering a cartridge in the chamber will help determine the ambush, the noise alarmed birds and animals suggests enemy movement, the dogs barking - the approach to the village, and the birds themselves will never be close to the people.

Train in determining the cause of barking: you have found, or another reason. Any deviation from normal life says or opponent, or you have found.

From the sound, you can determine the type, caliber weapons and range. * When conducting reconnaissance pay particular attention to:

Environment. Environmental change:

- Traces. On them you can determine the number of people, direction, floor, sometimes the type of cargo. Several people walking in a group, leaving a clear trail (one) - Follow the latest. Walking on the trail, you can determine where the load was lowered to the ground.

- Vegetation. If vegetation is viewed in the sun, you can detect any violation of it. Broken threads in parallel or in the direction of movement. Grass goes in the direction of motion.

- Birds and animals. You need to know how to behave alarmed birds and animals in the area of ​​your actions.

- Designated parking areas.

Spots liquid and soil, are not typical of the area. Traces of blood. Look for traces on the ground, on the leaves, at the height of human growth.

- The soil. Study the soil, rocks and grass in order to find traces of the shoe. Blurred pure water shows on her motion. At the same time, if at the bottom there is no trace of the movement was an hour ago.

-Garbage. This is a direct result of low discipline. Look for it on the road and along it. Rust is formed to open a bank within 12 hours.

-The sun fade paint many subjects. First turn yellow, then white. Per night and begins the formation of the yellow stage. Subscribe to Public Art of War is quite yellow object becomes 30 days. But such a definition is necessary experience.