9 reasons to start running

9 reasons to start running

The ancient Greeks used to say: "If you want to be strong - run, you want to be beautiful - run, you want to be smart - run". And they were right.

It is clear that in itself is not running a cure for all diseases, but its positive effect on the body is undeniable. It is an ideal and free way to look good. It does not require special equipment or a place to study. And this is a good excuse to start running. But nine:

1) Running increases the possibility of heart and blood vessels, occurs directly by the training of the heart muscle. This means that the heart becomes stronger, stronger. And this inevitably affects its performance.

2) Increased blood oxygen capacity. Trained heart for one cycle runs the much larger volume of blood than untrained. Increased blood flow - increased and oxygen exchange. To all the tissues and organs received more blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients.

3) Excellent tool to combat nervous tension. Stress and fatigue accumulate in the body during the day decay products - this is the cause of fatigue. To get rid of fatigue must be properly sweat and run copes with this task.

4) During prolonged load in the blood is thrown out a special hormone - endorphin. This hormone is also called "the hormone of happiness." And no wonder. When endorphin concentration in the blood increases, the person experiences a slight feeling of euphoria. Depression disappears.

5) increases mental activity. While jogging is often "self" comes the solution of a problem or task. Blood during vigorous workout abundantly oxygenated, increased metabolism, thereby more actively functioning central nervous system, and hence the brain. 6) Systematic jogging enhances immunity, due to the increase in red blood cells and hemoglobin. In the course of cross-country loads decreases blood cholesterol, reduced hunger, improves bowel motility. Together with the improvement of metabolism all this leads to a normalization of body weight.

7) You can run at any time of the day. So, in the morning, when the blood increased amounts of hormones, running is a natural remedy for discharge, that will help the body to return to harmony. If you run after a hard day - in the evening, then you remove this stress, relax, recharge your batteries, suppress excessive appetite and fall asleep beautiful dream.

8) Research scientists show that there is a partial regeneration of liver tissue. It occurs a positive effect on the kidney: while running with them the load is removed, which results in their better functioning.

9) Regular running load also have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system. For the elderly such training is particularly useful, t. To. They prevent the degenerative changes in the joints and muscle tissues.