Artificial intelligence will "listen" to the noise of cars to troubleshoot

I'm sure many of you have ever watched a situation where the driver of the car listening to his car and says something like 'damn, it seems that something with a motor ", even though your hearing sound absolutely normal. Some seasoned professionals garages can determine fault, even on foreign cars. In general, such a will to engage in artificial intelligence from Israeli company 3DSignals. They created the AI ​​system employing the principles of deep machine learning, listens to the sounds of machinery and searches them for signs of incipient faults.

Artificial intelligence will

on the necessary equipment (whether it be a car or a motor assembly line) specialists 3DSignals set ultrasonic microphones, which are able to detect the acoustic vibrations in the range from almost 0 to 100 kHz. Data collected by these microphones are transmitted to the cloud service, where they are engaged in processing of specially designated areas for this global neural network. In the event of vibrations from the normal values ​​system detects possible type of fault and notify the owner.

Artificial intelligence will

noise analysis using AI

Now 3DSignals is already working with a number of companies of heavy industry sector and is in talks with firms planning to expand the network in the future self-taxi-robots. According to one of the founders of 3DSignals Yair Lavi,

"The passenger of the taxi would never even think about the technical condition of the car. In this case, the vehicle must be able to self determine whether the prerequisites for the emergence of the problem and arrive in time to a repair shop, where he will receive appropriate care, and our company will provide the opportunity to all customers, regardless of where in the world they are in, and the number of vehicles in their fleet. "