James Cameron officially began filming "Avatar 2"

We love the news about the Canadian director James Cameron. After all, this man is not just a shot in his time much loved by all of us film "Aliens," "The Abyss," "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Titanic", but is also actively developing the film industry, introducing in her own invention. Earlier we told you that Cameron is working simultaneously on four sequels for its fantastic tape "Avatar." Well, shoot first continuation officially started.

James Cameron officially began filming

Cameron is one of the most successful directors in cinema history. Eight of his most popular films collected in world hire more than 5, 5 billion dollars. And the same "Avatar" in 2009 became the highest grossing film in history, gathering more than 2, 7 billion dollars in movie theaters. "Titanic" picture won the people's love and won 11 awards "Oscar". But James Cameron is not particularly concerned about the gold statuettes and billions of dollars.

In his free time filming director takes part in various environmental and research projects. He is one of the few people who dared to personally go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. And this, for a moment, in the depth of 10,898 meters. To do this, the director for several years developed together with scientists and collecting own bathyscaphe. Taken during this project formed the core of the documentary "Call 3D abyss." His 56th birthday the director said at the bottom of Lake Baikal in the bathyscaphe "Mir-1". In addition, the director is actively developing its cinema technology and tries to push the modern film industry for the future. He personally designed and built the first camera stereoscopic IMAX format, which is then offered several of his acquaintances filmmakers to shoot their films. James actively promoted worldwide stereokinoteatry the IMAX, so that by the time the big screen his film "Avatar" (2009) the greatest possible number of people were able to see him as the director conceived.

Earlier it was reported that the film "Avatar" will have as many as four continue. Shoot them the director is planning to almost simultaneously, but the screens they are at intervals of 1-3 years. In the pictures, we will again see characters such actors as Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Joel Moore, Sigourney Weaver and others. They will be joined actors Cliff Curtis and Oona Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter), familiar to viewers from the TV series "Game of Thrones". Curiously, the actor Stephen Lang once again play the main antagonist, who died at the end of the first picture. As the writers bring it back to life - it is not yet clear.

"Avatar 2" is scheduled to be shown in theaters on December 18, 2020. "Avatar 3" will be released December 17, 2021, "Avatar 4" - December 20, 2024, and the final chapter of history "Avatar 5" will be December 19, 2025.