Scientists have figured out how different types of alcohol affect the emotions

It's no secret that alcohol is directly related to the emotional state of the person. Someone he lifts the mood, and someone on the other hand, drives the depression. Someone alcohol loosens up, and someone makes it more aggressive and bullying. British scientists (where do without them?) Conducted a study linking the different types of alcoholic beverages with the emotional state of the person. Their findings can be read in this material.

Scientists have figured out how different types of alcohol affect the emotions

"Understanding the connection between emotions and a variety of alcoholic beverages is necessary for us in the first place to try to prevent alcohol abuse among the population. But first we need to understand how these or other alcoholic beverages affect the emotions of representatives of different segments of the population that they are used ", - wrote the British researchers in their scientific work.

The material for the study, researchers used data from the world's largest online poll, dedicated to use by adults of alcohol and drugs - Global Drug Survey. This survey includes questions about the number, types of alcohol consumed, as well as about the emotion that causes a person to use a particular type of alcohol. According to the survey, people most often associate drinking alcohol with energy, relaxation, increased sexual desire, self-confidence, fatigue, aggressiveness, and so on. After analyzing the results of a survey of more than 30 000 people aged 18 to 31 years from 21 countries, scientists have identified a pattern because some alcoholic beverages and certain emotional state in humans. Red wine, for example, the person relaxes. As, however, and beer - more than 50% of respondents agreed on this opinion. But spirits often evoke in people's aggression. Their respondents are least likely associated with a state of relaxation or recreation.

"For many centuries, drinking rum, gin, vodka and other alcoholic beverages has been associated with violence. And our global study once again proves that it is strong alcohol often causes aggressive behavior, "- says co-author Professor Mark Bellis Bangor University.

Aggression - is not the only emotion is associated in humans with spirits. Some people believe that this alcohol gives them energy, self-confidence and makes them more sexually attractive. Scientists in their study also pointed out that the survey results vary greatly depending on the level of education of the respondents, their country of residence and age. For example, young people aged 18 to 24 are associated with virtually any alcohol self-confidence and sexual emancipation. Gender of respondents and the amount of alcohol consumed also has a strong influence on the emotional consequences of drinking alcohol. Women, for example, most men associate positive emotions with different kinds of alcohol. But no matter how varied the survey results, one thing has always remained the same: hard liquor in the minds of people directly linked with aggression. Of course, scientists can not with 100% accuracy to link each specific type of alcohol with any particular emotion, yet their conclusions should be heeded. Especially if you yourself love to lean on strong. The results can be read in the journal BMJ Open.