NASA announced the cost of creating modules for the lunar orbital station

The space agency NASA reported that the development and creation of the first modules Lunar Orbital Platform lunar station - Gateway will take 2, 7 billion dollars. The necessary sum will be half the current annual budget of the International Space Station. To support the project all the ISS partners are spending a total of about $ 5 billion. In this case, the total cost of construction and operation of the ISS as exceeded 120 billion dollars at the end of 2016.

NASA announced the cost of creating modules for the lunar orbital station

According to the presentation the Deputy Executive Director of NASA's manned programs Mark Geyer, published on the website of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, before the end of 2023 on the project Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway is planned to request 2 billion 724.3 million dollars.

The first funds in the amount of 504 million 200 thousand dollars to the Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway plan to request from the US budget already in 2019. This cost will include the development and the creation by 2022 of the base unit of the future station - energodvigatelnogo element, as well as the creation by 2023 of a residential unit. Sending them to the moon is planned for 2022 and 2023 years, respectively. It is noted that the launch of missiles on the SLS in this amount are not included. In the present financial plan stated that in 2020, will begin construction of a logistics gateway and station modules. Their launch is planned outside the view of the financial plan - in 2024. The cost of the lock chamber at NASA estimated at 702, 4 million dollars.

As reported, the gateway module for Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway can offer to build Russia. In this case, before it became known that the US and its partners are forcing Russia to create a gateway module for crews spacewalks by American technical standards and use an American suit instead of Russian. In turn, Russia has offered to build a gateway module for the money or the United States to share the cost of its creation with the European Space Agency.

About how it will look like image of lunar orbital station Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway, as well as the level of participation in its creation of various countries, including Russia, will become clear in the coming months. To date, the negotiations on the creation of the 15 countries participating stations.