5 reasons why men better not to abuse beer

5 reasons why men better not to abuse beer

Whatever your passion, the main thing is always to know the measure. Especially if you like to eat or drink, and maybe all at once. As you know, small doses even alcohol useful, but what harm can be from large doses, in addition to the well-known hangover. We've learned that the most harmful - it's spirits. However, this is a very common misconception. Not less negative effect, particularly Men, renders abuse beer.

In the beer contains phytoestrogen, released from the knobs of hops in brewing. He inhibit secretion male hormone of testosterone, which is why the body begins to dominate female hormone estrogen, which has been in the past, but did not prevail, says AIF.

We will tell you about the most common consequences of hormonal disorders in women, caused by excessive use of Beer.

1. Increased level of cholesterol. Even a slight excess estrogen in men leads to increased cholesterol levels. Moreover, estrogen contributes to the emergence of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Simultaneously, estrogen does not generated "good cholesterol", which improves the elasticity of blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack.

2. The approaching obesity. Beer belly is a direct consequence of the fact that estrogen promotes the formation of body fat and puts it around her waist. The fat cells in turn produce an enzyme that makes estrogen testosterone. As a result, a man receives a sagging muscles, fatigue, problems of an intimate nature, increased risk of diabetes and other obesity satellites. 3. Sooner or later shortages, as well as an excess of estrogen results in disorders of male genital organs, such as prostatitis. Under assumptions of doctors, a large number of estrogen contributes to prostate and a violation of her work. Iron grows and begins to push on urachus and bladder, causing frequent "urgency" and the difficulty with urination.

4. The hormonal balance is disturbed and is already the most obvious sign of is a chest. The man begin to appear characteristic bulge in the chest area. The thing is that the fat is stored in places where the "orders" Women hormone estrogen.

5. Gradually, the body Men weakens, and with it weakens and heart. Heart failure, coupled with high levels of estrogen increase the risk of early death in men. Also in men with high levels of estrogen strong predisposition for deep vein thrombosis, and thus to infarctions.