In the US, hit the jackpot for $ 640 million

In the US, hit the jackpot for $ 640 million

In the US, sold at least one lottery ticket with a combination of numbers that allows to apply for a record gain in size - US $ 640 million.

The representative of the lottery "Mega Millions" reported that the winning ticket was purchased in the District of Maryland Baltimore - about 60 kilometers north of the capital, the city of Washington.

At the moment there is no information about the winner or winners of the lottery.

Or the owner of the lottery ticket holders happy can choose two options for getting the winning - or to obtain 462 million dollars on hand at one time, or to receive a certain amount each year. In addition, the winning bidder will be obliged to pay taxes to the federal budget and the state budget.

Chances to guess the cherished five numbers from 56 possible plus a number of so-called "mega ball" was less than one in 176 million. Experts point out that even the likelihood of lightning in the individual above 100 times. "No less curious and other statistics:. Today chance to die a violent death in the United States above 8 thousand times and die in road accidents - 20 thousand times", - said chairman of the Department of Mathematics at Wesleyan University Dakota Mike Catalano. See also:

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