The attraction of unprecedented generosity from FADA!

Listen to the story of the living participant the most explosive news Runet.

Hello! Today I'll tell you about a new project on the Internet, to be precise - of

I will not bore you with stories for a long time about how I'm a skeptic, and that I never won the lottery, it's boring, in addition, 90% of readers familiar with this situation :)

Recently, my friend, programmer, told me that there was a project that plays iPhone and cash prizes and participation is absolutely free, no SMS, no evidence of registrations, likes, and repost t. D.

The attraction of unprecedented generosity from FADA!

In general, we talked with a friend, and I forgot about it safely. After a while I on the wall at the other VKontakte I saw a post (or a repost, I do not remember) about the project.

I went to the site, to participate in the draw and win some money, a mere trifle, but still very nice. I sent SMS about winning and there was a request to talk about the project, since I won, that actually I do.

The attraction of unprecedented generosity from FADA!

The idea for Runet quite fresh and interesting. you need to select a number for the participation in the drawing of money or things. Anyone within a predetermined range, which depends on the particular edition, and ... everything! Wait for the complete edition.

By the way, this problem is yet, circulations are quite long, but I think over time there will be more people and things will go faster. For example, it is now several days began circulation on iPhone drawings (this is my dream, of course, I can buy, but "toad strangling" ... but if you like to win ...). Participation is absolutely free. That is all. That is to say nothing at all costs. I myself did not believe it when I told a friend, and I thought that the next "divorce" from the Internet. But now I can say with confidence - everything is fair and no fraud.

I do not go into the details of why and how they give everything for free, but the whole mechanism of this - the money for these editions provide sponsors and advertisers, including, to play their own goods and services.

In general, to participate in the sweepstakes, you must enter through VKontakte up, you just need to enter your phone number (do not panic, the phone asks for no personal gain, but for the payment of winnings, account recovery, etc.), However, can enter and through VKontakte, and then enter the phone number.

Next, select the number of copies, enter the chosen number and all. As soon as the circulation is over, you will be able to learn, have won or not.

The attraction of unprecedented generosity from FADA!

Another important point - the so-called transparency and honesty circulation. The bottom line is that the winning numbers are already determined before the draw and start run. And that's not a typo - it is up to! Now I will explain.

If the draw takes place after all the numbers are chosen, it is very easy, you can rig the results, being the organizer. Well, that is to distribute prizes among certain people - for example, between friends of the project administration. In this case, all the numbers have been generated in advance and placed in the archive, which is a password. That is, if you specifically chose the winning number, then no one can change the results for themselves. Before choosing any number can first download the file with the winning numbers, and then select your number.

Each edition has a preview, so everyone knows in advance when circulation starts, and can be sure that all the rooms are free after the start of circulation. That is, no one previously selected. Moreover, when choosing a fixed number while selecting a particular number, that is, day, hour, minute, and second.

In summary:

  • FADA project - an interesting, new.
  • It is possible to win the interesting things, equipment, money.
  • All honest.
  • All 100% free.

Of course, I am involved in all the drawings, and advise you, the chances are increased, and again no cost. I ask you to attract more friends, as soon will be updated editions, because people will quickly disassemble rooms.

Go for it! :)