10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Imagine that you are in a department store and accidentally stumbled on the package, which lies 100 thousand dollars. Or bought a house in the secondary real estate market and in the repair of the attic found garbage bags stuffed with banknotes. What would you do? Pay their mortgages, buy a new luxurious car? But thrust a little voice in my heart saying, 'It's not your money, they must return! Someone seems to have lost them and they desperately need a host ... "

You would be able to resist the temptation, and return the money to the owner?

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Unknown homeless woman

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

62-year-old homeless woman from the Canadian city of Calgary has found a purse on the street, where there were more than 10 thousand dollars in cash. Although she lived in a local homeless shelter, but was determined to return the money to the owner. "Thought keep the money never crossed my mind," - confessed to the homeless.

The incident caused a wave of sympathy for the woman, and her story was on the front pages of Canadian newspapers. Many people offered her cash assistance on a large scale. But our heroine was very uncomfortable, and from the outset insisted to remain anonymous. However, the owner of the purse has established a trust fund in the amount of $ 500. When combined with other donations Canadians managed to gather an amount sufficient to ensure that the woman could finally move into their own apartment.

A member of the Walmart supermarket

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Bismark Mensah, Walmart supermarket employee in Washington, collecting trolleys in the car park and found the envelope in which it was $ 20 000 in cash. He quickly caught up with the car buyer who left the truck and returned the envelope with the money to the owner. For his good deed, Bismarck received an award from the Walmart "Integrity in Action". The money belonged to Leone and Gary Elton. The couple stopped at the store after receiving cash from a financial company as a down payment on a house. Mensa refused to accept the award, and turned down the offer to come to the couple for dinner. Currently Bismarck Mensah continues to work in Walmart, and his salary is about nine dollars per hour.

Fair grandmother

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

75-year-old grandmother Billie Watts from Tennessee, was at a local restaurant Cracker Barrel, when she saw a bag hanging from a hook on the door. Inside was a photograph of two women and 97 000 dollars. She informed the restaurant staff that found the money in the bag, took a bag with him and left his room.

Soon, the woman called her and accurately described the contents of the bag, including a photograph. Watts returned to Cracker Barrel, to return his find. Surprisingly, the mistress of the bag was most happy to return photos, only cards with a picture of her recently deceased daughter. The money was paid by insurance on the occasion of her daughter's death, inconsolable mother who was going to use for the move to Florida with her son. Grandmother Billie Watts offered $ 1,000 as a reward, but she refused to accept them.

The new homeowner

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Josh Ferrin of Utah bought a house for his family. Inside the garage, he noticed a piece of cloth that hung from the attic door. Then he opened the door and found in the attic of eight metal boxes resembling storage boxes of ammunition during the Second World War. Inside were rolls of folded banknotes, tapered string. Ferrin was frightened, phoned his wife and began to count the money. He counted about 45 000 US dollars. Ferrin recalled that the previous owner of the house was recently deceased, Arnold Bangerter, who lived apart from their children. Therefore Josh Ferrin decided to call Arnold Bangerter children and inform them of his find. The son of Arnold confirmed that his father had a tendency to hide money. Ferrin returned the money, saying: "I am a father and worried about the future of my children. I can also save money for a rainy day, and it would be dishonest of me not to return money to children who their father collected over the years. "

The driver

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

42-year-old taxi driver Waldemar Adam from Las Vegas decided to clean the interior of his taxi, and found a black laptop case on the back seat. Inside was 221,510 US dollars in cash. He took the money in the office of his company a cab.

After about an hour on the radio he was again summoned to the office, where the Ethiopian tourist hugged and thanked him. The fact that the day before he won the money at a local casino. Adam in gratitude received $ 2,000.

Road discovery

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Eli Estrada of Long Beach was a lot of debt on credit cards, not to mention the cost of the upcoming wedding and maintain a growing business. So when he came across a bag with 144 thousand dollars in cash, it occurred to him that now his money problems solved way prosperous.

However, realizing that perhaps the money someone lost, Eli announced a major discovery of the money to the police. It turned out that the bag fell out of the armored truck collector car Brinks, and was on the street. And, despite its debt, and the need to take care of his mother, who moved in with him after the loss of his home, Eli made a choice in favor of decency and returned the money. The company Brinks later gave Eli a reward in the amount of $ 2,000, although his mother thought that they had to give him at least 10 percent of the amount.

Employee cinema

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

During the cinema hall cleaning after the film, 19-year-old employee of Christopher Montgomery theater found a bag in which there were 24 000 dollars. And instead of having to push the parcel into his pocket, he immediately reported the discovery to his manager, who made sure that the money is returned to its rightful owner.

The money belonged to the small business owner Rosemary limoncello, which dropped the bundle of money out of the bag while watching a movie. In gratitude for the discovery Rosemary Montgomery offered monetary rewards, but he refused.

An unemployed teacher

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Candice Scott of College Station, Texas, rode behind the wheel of the car when I saw a bag lying on the roadside. Despite the fact that she initially took the discovery of dirty diapers, she still stopped to check it out. The bag was full of money, to be exact, there were 20 000 US dollars. Candace wondered whether to call 911 or take the bag itself to the police.

Noticing the logo on the bag Chase Bank, Scott decided to take the bag to the local branch of the bank. Director of thanked her for her honesty and gave the gift card with $ 500 in the account.

According to Candace Scott, the cashier told her that she was the most honest man in the world, that Candice replied: "Or the most stupid."

The waitress

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

Jennifer Shaw, a waitress at Mercer restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, found an envelope with $ 5000, after a group of men left the bar. She quickly caught up with them and returned the money. One of the men, the owner of the envelope, thanked Jennifer and gave her $ 100 as a reward. The restaurant owner Mark Egan was proud of his act and the waitress said: "Very rarely people lose things in the restaurant, but when it happens, and our staff will return loss, such cases make it possible not to lose faith in humanity."

10-year-old boy

10 people who have found a lot of money and returned them

The ten-year Tyler Schaefer of Kansas City, due to flight delay, spent the whole night with his parents in the room at the airport, KS Hilton airport. And when leaving he said to his father: "I found the money!"

His father, Cody Schaefer, took the boy they found a box full of neatly folded banknote 100 dollars, the total amount of which was more than 10 000 US dollars. Fearing that this drug mafia money, Schafer gave them to the security service of the hotel, which in turn handed the find police. But no one went to the police with a statement about the loss of money. And the law of Missouri says that if there are no claims for the return of lost things for seven months, 10-year-old Tyler has the right of ownership to their discovery. However, the father and the boy refused to take money.