Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

Find your dream job easier than it seems. Even if you have no experience, but because of the special skills just a friendly smile and an inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Here are 5 vacancies dreams that for someone to become or has already become the best in the world of work.

The tester beds

But for this to work advantage is the knowledge of the Russian language. At least so says the ad. In Helsinki in 2013, one of the hotels opened position professional "test beds". Lucky had to work only 35 days, or rather, nights. After all, he estimated the comfort of beds in each room of the hotel. Who won, the media have not reported, but action had tremendous success in social networks, so it is possible, as soon as someone else from the hotel owners decide to draw attention to the child in this way.

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

Professional resting in the water park

One of the suburban water parks recently opened position of professional vacationer. The employee's task is to swim in the pool and jacuzzi, sauna and massage, as well as tasting of dishes and drinks at a local cafe - what else is needed for happiness? Have to work only 25 hours a week, besides the health of a particular employee will follow the doctor.

In fact, under the vacancy dream hides the position of the expert in social networks - in addition to the professional holiday vacationer will have to interview and photograph visitors and update the blog daily water park. Admission requirements are quite simple - the age of 18 years old, Russian citizenship and education is not lower than the average. I got a job a girl named Sasha: read her blog, you can at the official site waterpark. But who knows, maybe in a year resting position you win?

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

The tester quality of the Berlin brothels

quality of service, standards of hygiene, cleanliness and safety of sex service in the Berlin brothels will assess a special employee social network participants Kaufmich.com sex. The site wants to occupy the same place in the sex industry as TripAdvisor in the tourism sector, and to make online-ranked German brothels. The work involves a certain risk: the responsibility of the employee will include sexual contact with girls from various brothels.

Candidate's gender does not matter, but without higher education testers brothels in Germany do not take, so you first have to get a diploma. But no problems with the law in the new employee will not be Kaufmich.com - prostitution is officially permitted in Germany since 2002. By the way, the vacancy is still relevant, so if you know German, and are not afraid to find adventure on his fifth point - in a hurry.

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

The servant in the British royal family

Always wanted to get into the palace, but you know, that to marry a prince you will not succeed? Go to the housekeeper's most famous pair of the British royal family - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. William and Kate to advertise the search for housekeepers on a dedicated website The Lady jobs. There are no special requirements to the employee of the royal couple does not produce, except for one - strict confidentiality. Her main responsibilities will be the maintaining of cleanliness and order in the house, buying food, clothing care, but sometimes have to help in the care of children (one of whom, at the moment, the heir to the royal throne), dogs or cooking.

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

Work at the Australian Agency for Tourism

The main supplier of the dream job in the world - the Australian Agency for Tourism. In 2009, the agency announced a tender for the work inspector of island Hamilton, who won the 34-year-old British citizen Ben Southall. Six months later he traveled to the island and led the online diary, as well as starred in television programs on tourism and life on Hamilton.

When Southall contract ended in Australia opened six new positions: Chief jovial, expert in good food and drink, an adventurer, a national park ranger, a photographer and a specialist in wildlife surveillance. It was in 2013, and then in the competition defeated Frenchwoman Elise Détré Irishman Allan Dixon, American, Andrew Smith, an Englishman Richie Kim, Canadian Greg Snell Seba and Roberto from Brazil. But very soon the period of their work in Australia is over, and there will be new jobs dreams, which can qualify you. The main thing - learn English.

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone

The caretaker of the castle

Such vacancies lacking all over Europe, but it is usually in place the key owner take some of the locals. Sometimes, however, the local authorities in order to attract into your godforsaken corner of tourists announce an open competition to fill vacancies seductive. So, for example, it was in Scotland and Slovenia. And pay rangers very good by Russian standards - from 27 to 100 thousand euros per year. Especially look at the Belgium - where according to statistics the most castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Dream Jobs, who take on absolutely everyone