38 violent and truthful truths about relationships

• 38 cruel and truthful truths about relationships

38 violent and truthful truths about relationships

Who among us does not dream about the ideal family relationships "they lived happily ever after" in style! However, over the tall walls of air locks are concealed unexpected complexity that does not tally with our expectations. They often lead to the downfall of even the strongest feelings.

We publish 38 truths that will help you take a sober look at the realities of relationships and to maintain them.

You will not like your partner all the time.

Your attraction to him will also not permanent.

Sometimes you'll just boil irritation.

When you divide the distance, not the fact that you get bored of each other.

But sometimes in your relationship for you to be bored.

You will be surprised when you meet someone who at times better than your partner.

Sometimes you will be very lonely.

Your partner is not your copy - sometimes differences can translate into real competition.

Your heart will open and close.

Feelings of attractiveness and unattractiveness will be rotated.

Your sex life is complicated at times - get ready for it. Especially if one of the partners in the lead, which happens often.

Sex you will want to not always.

38 violent and truthful truths about relationships

One will sense that you are re-fall in love with your partner, and then he was replaced by complete indifference to your spouse.

You will be the one piece, then the opposite. True love includes the ability to combine incongruous.

True love is inseparable from fear.

Fear does not always feel like fear - sometimes a feeling of indifference or irritation.

The greater the love, the greater the fear.

The greater the love, the greater the risk. This means that periodically you acutely aware of the possibility of losing him or her.

"I want to go", "I need something else," "I need someone else" - all these thoughts go. It's just a thought, OK, you think about it, they do not have to be true.

You'll think about it when your partner intimacy weakened. Love - is a constant balance on the verge of the strongest emotions and complete indifference. This balance fluctuates every month, day and hour. The more you understand what it is, the easier it is to accept this state of affairs.

Constantly comparing their relationship with respect to other people, you'll wonder why no one else is talking about how all this is hard. Be careful: you can not see everything that is happening behind closed doors.

Conflict can not escape.

You will feel: the two of you your partner is the worst.

You will lash out at each other and pour words, which did not want to say really.

You just do not hurt each other. It is inevitable, accept the reality - it's just part of the relationship.

You will not periodically justify the trust in each other. Not necessarily specific actions, there are many other ways. You bring into your relationship as your past. All the pain of childhood, past relationships, the pain destroy the friendship. Your partner will do the same. You will project these emotions at each other like mirrors that reflect your inner feelings. Look closely at the reflections - it will help to understand each other and heal your relationship.

You will see the dark side of marriage, which did not know before married.

When you have children, you have to endure. At least a few years, none of you will not be able to meet their needs fully.

38 violent and truthful truths about relationships

No doubt, life with children - this test. Hold on - they are older, and you will feel better.

You will have to roll on rage, anger and a sense of undervaluation. These feelings are so strong that you will literally breathe fire at his partner, they shall possess you completely. But over time you will learn to control his anger, together watching as a huge tender feeling passes through you.

You have to grow up. You step onto the road, where your decisions will depend not only you, but also your relationship.

Sometimes you have to swallow pride and apologize first. Remember this tip - it is really good.

You miss another honeymoon (if it was already once).

Over time, your relationship will not be so much of that before you called romance. But you learn to see the romance in the everyday little things, such as washed the dishes. You will save a old grievances. Learn how to get rid of them - this is serious strengthen relations.

You will grow old together. On the face of your partner will inevitably folds, wrinkles and scars, as well as on your. This can be a source of great sorrow, if you are fixated only on external beauty. But it can also be a source of joy and lived together on time and that you keep your relationship for so long.

After reading, you probably ask yourself, who can even go on a volunteer? Is not it easier to live alone? Less risk, less trouble, less self-restraint. However, a relationship - it is the only way to feel truly loved, and is the responsibility and privilege. This method is not for those who have come into this life to enjoy a permanent holiday. It is a way for those who are not afraid to grow on them.

Approaching this trait with real expectations from the forthcoming, you will be able to survive any storm, which will have to face.