Five facts about Russia from the Germans, who lived with us year

Five facts about Russia from the Germans, who lived with us year

Thomas Brendler traveled to 60 countries. In Russia, he was the first time in 2003 as part of a business trip to AVTOVAZ. Since coming to Togliatti several times a year is not at work, and visit their Russian friends.

Last week, Mr Brendler shared his thoughts on friendship, he spoke about what his life has taught in Russia, and what impressions left "Zhiguli circumnavigation". We publish the article without any cuts.

The first impression

When 12 years ago I was told that I should go to Russia, I was very excited. Now I understand, Russia - it is a European country, but then it was for me exotic. I remember at the airport Kurumoch customs and saw my laptop for a long time questioned what kind of equipment and why I need it.

Russian is not very punctual

The next day, at nine o'clock in the morning I had a business meeting at AVTOVAZ. At first, it was moved to 11.00, then at 14.00, as a result of the negotiating table, we sat down to only 16.00. For me, this was a very unusual situation, because things are not done in Europe.

In general, the ability to wait, perhaps the most important thing I learned in Russia. If in Germany an appointment, it always starts on time, late even five minutes is a disaster. Here I realized that in the process of waiting there is nothing wrong in the free time you can have a drink, send a message or check your emails. Despite the fact that inside I'm still a German, now properly belong to the delays, I have things to do, I am calm, I'll wait.

"Zhiguli circumnavigation"

I used to come in Togliatti exclusively for work, but one day a colleague told me that there is an event like "Zhiguli circumnavigation". I decided to participate in it.

The first time it was, of course, an amazing experience, as I had never traveled on the boat and did not live in a tent. In fact, I was like a little kid who can not take care of himself. We must pay tribute to my team - the guys were friendly and open, they just came up and said: "Hey, Thomas, it's time for dinner." Gradually, I was involved in the process, these people taught me to trust, they helped me a lot. The main conclusion I reached after participating in the "Zhiguli circumnavigation" - one does not need much to feel happy.

Sad Song

I also drew attention to the fact that the songs are usually sung in Russian fire, very sad. I like them, and in an appropriate atmosphere their performance sounds pretty exciting. But they are of no use when the soul needs a holiday! Therefore, every time in the campaign, I asked to perform "www. ". I do not understand the meaning of the text, but it sounds energetic and fun.

Our friends

If we compare Russia with the European countries, the key difference - the difference in the mentality of people. At first glance, your country, everything looks unfriendly, but after the "Around the World", I realized that you are very open, among people so close and cordial relations, which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The Russian friends - is the family you choose yourself. You can each other over the years not to see, but keep a close relationship. In Europe, this is difficult to imagine. We are friendly with everyone and always, but friendship for us - it's just time together. If the communication there was a long pause, then, most likely, the European one will simply find you a replacement.