Rules of life Maya Plisetskaya

• Rules of Life Maya Plisetskaya

Rules of life Maya Plisetskaya

The purpose of my life is always was the dance. And this has been achieved.

I ALWAYS lazy. If it was possible to make a combination of one time, I did it once, but not ten. Fuete not always succeed, sometimes left, sometimes not. So what! And even now I think that because of their laziness, I kept up.

My grandfather was a dentist, we lived on Sretenka. There I was born.

Due to the fact that I was born on Russian soil, I calculated my life the era of "reign" of our leaders. Not one of my colleagues from Finland or France would not think commensurate stages of his biography on behalf of the president or prime minister.

I have since childhood at odds with the crook. It jarred me the forest of red cloth.

My mother was a film actress and starred in at least ten films. Films were then still not audio. She played the Uzbeks, but always in Asia were continuous tragedy. She played the leper, where it trampled a horse. Any other film where it burned alive in a certain house. Actually, I just obrydalas, although she was sitting next to me in the theater, held my hand and said: "I'm here, I'm with you", and I still was angry that it prevents me from crying.

MY FATHER was consul in Svalbard, for two years I lived there. There's, you know, it was not up to a movie, not until then. Then came the terrible years, when he was arrested, shot, his mother came to the Gulag. So that childhood was not very fun.

MY father believed that human relations in the new system under construction will be fairer society than in the past centuries. But the decades go by, and the system of human relations for the better does not change. US With Shchedrin (Rodion Shchedrin, composer, Maya Plisetskaya's husband -. Esquire) introduced Lilya Brik, who adored acquaintance.

Once I told GLORY Rostropovich that Rodion gave me the "Lady with the Dog". He says: "statuette" I say, "No, the ballet!"

We rented an apartment. This, as in the old saying, furnished room. I do not find joy in that parade. I find this concern. If you have a house, it is necessary to remove, contain. Guard! As well as a hotel - I'm comfortable.

There are, of creative people, even close, such as envy one another. With Shchedrin this may not be. He is a fan of me as one.

If we even had one child, we would have a different life. We'd only cared about him, thought only of him, would have lived only for him. And I was in such a sacrifice was not ready. Childbirth - a minimum of one missed year career. I was not sure that, spoiling the shape and missed a year, could return to the stage. The risk was enormous. And I did not dare.

INFLUENCE Nureyev ballet HUGE. But today, he would not have made such a furor. Today, many so-dancing.

SEEMS TO ME, not for nothing that there is a perception that if an art gallery to bring the savage, he will point to a masterpiece.

WHEN I SEE NOW bare such syakih on stage, I am glad and rubbing their hands: there you eat! We somehow did not allowed! After all, it turned out that the Communists in fur coats made of their children.

Idiocy Soviet Power were not known abroad. We even danced in the ballet only optimism. They defeated the evil genius.

IF I AM conductor asked about the pace, I always said: play as it is written in the composer's score. "And if one of the soloists do not have time?" - "Then let him go home." KNEE ALWAYS HURTS, LIFE. I think that has practically no injuries do not pass. Athletes is the same, even worse. They lame curves. Because violence against the body.

I ate always a lot and diet are not respected. And my weight is a little bit more than you need.

Bread and butter - the best thing that people invented.

There is no man who would not tell me when he sees me for the first time: "Oh, I thought you were high." I have a 165 cm, the average height, normal.

People love UNDERSTAND empathize. You can on the scene to do a lot of technically wonderful, perfect tricks, and the audience went home, had dinner - and forgotten.

I always just danced for the audience. After retiring from the stage danced once. What's that, a dance for myself in my head did not come.

I do not see old age, wrinkles BEAUTY. I do old people do not really admire. And molodyaschiysya old man or old woman - it is generally funny.

The audience can always see me with an open heart. Maybe that's why I live so long.

I'm not just your enemies and not going to do. For what reason? For that I forgive them, pray tell? People do not change, it is my deep conviction. And let them know, I have not forgotten and nothing is forgiven.

More difficult to change than the hair to lift themselves.

I die, but CARMEN - NO.