Best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

• The best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

Best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

In Russia increasingly prefer second-hand cars

"Avtostat" to explore the market of used cars, has identified the most popular of 2016 in Russia. The results were interesting. The leading position was taken by "Ford" among the models, sliding off the pedestal, "Toyota". In addition, sharply added cars Chevrolet.

The most popular brand

The study used car market broke the 2015 results of the previous year. If at that time the country broke up less than 3 million cars with mileage, the last year - more than 3, 3 million. In general, sales of "beushek" increased by 12, 3%.

In the first place in popularity among brands is Toyota. Love these machines in our country. Therefore, more than half a million "Japanese women" city found new owners. "Toyota" continues to hold 11, 5%, "beushnye" market.

Best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

Ford Focus 3

"Silver" has got another representative of Japan - "Nissan." Yes, the gap from the leader impressive - almost twice. But that is no reason to be sad, because Nissan has improved its performance in the segment of used cars - compared to 2015 - by 12%

In third place Chevrolet - despite the fact that the mark has left the Russian market. We can say, "popular trail" to "yellow cross" does not grow. And more than 202 million sold / used car - a clear confirmation. In comparison with 2015 in the used car market, Chevrolet has added 14%.

On the "insulting" the fourth place was Hyundai with a score of 200,000 sold cars with mileage (increase compared to 2015 - 21%). A fifth perched Ford. In "American" sales figures "beushek" a little worse - 190 thousand vehicles (an increase of 10%). Also in the top 10 were also Volkswagen, Kia, Renault, Mitsubishi and Honda.

The most popular models of

But among the models of the situation for the "Toyota" is not very favorable. She pushed the American upstart Ford Focus. And the demand is equally well use "Focus" as a second or third generation. In total, the new owners have acquired approximately 120 thousand second-hand American cars that over 11% more than in 2015.

The lion's share of sales has fallen to "focus" of the third generation. But first in Russia, the popularity of the car is not used. Consumers confused design that was different from the second generation of machines (in the opinion of the majority - the worse).

Best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

Toyota Corolla XI

In Russia, Ford Focus III sold with new petrol engines. Origin-1, 5-liters (150 l. C.), The second-1, 6-liter (85, 105 or 125 l. C.). Powertrain worked together with both the "mechanics", and with the automatic PowerShift dual-clutch.

In second place in the ranking of the most popular "beushek" was a Toyota Corolla. This model on the market used cars has sold 100,000 copies, to improve results in 2015 by 9%.

In Russia, officially selling Toyota Corolla XI started in 2013. And this "Japanese" buyers came to taste. Especially the fact that in comparison with the previous generation Corolla grown in size: steel 75 mm longer and 15 mm wider. An increase in the wheelbase favorably affected the free space, which the passengers in the back row became much more.

The "base" sedan is equipped with a 1, 3-liter power unit, which issued 99 "horses", two airbags, ABS systems, EBD, EBA, electric front windows and mirrors, DRL, air conditioning and a CD-player. The top of the range "Prestige Plus" could boast of 1, 8-liter engine, giving out 140 "horses", the ESP and ASR, keyless entry system, 2-zone climate control and leather interior.

As for the "bronze", she have another representative of "toyotovskogo" family - Camry. These supported sedans increased in sales of almost 30% compared to 2015 - have sold over 65 million copies. And this despite the fact that the Camry is one of the most popular cars among thieves.

Best city: Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet

Especially in the market supported cars valued dorestaylingovoy version of the "Camry" seventh generation. Its world premiere took place in 2011. Initially in Russia this car can be purchased with either a 2, 5-liter engine, with either 3, 5-liter. Then there was a version with a 2-liter power unit.

Honorable fourth place went to Renault Logan. On the "secondary housing," it was chosen by more than 62 thousand customers (plus 8% compared to 2015).

Located on the fifth Chevrolet Niva - about 61 thousand copies. "Niva", we note much stepped forward, improving sales performance in the segment of used cars 14%.

Also in the top ten most popular cars were: Daewoo Nexia, Hyundai Solaris, Opel Astra and the Kia Rio.