The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

Rent a yacht Roman Abramovich or oil tycoon Swedish is not as difficult as it seems. To learn how to do it - on.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

Despite the sinking of brokerage market during the crisis, charter yachting segment behaved much better in recent years. A new trend in the yacht rental market is the emergence of a large number of large ships that were previously used only by the owners. Now they increasingly come to the charter market.

Using the new Timeline Index, we have compiled a list of the most expensive yachts are available for rent this summer.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

the Eclipse

Length: 162, 5 m

Shipyard: Blohm + Voss

Price: From € 3 million a week

Owner: Roman Abramovich

Transferred to its owner, billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2010 by the German shipyard Blohm + Voss (Lurssen bought in 2016), Eclipse became at that time the biggest yacht in the world. Marine to hold on the title for almost three years before delivery of the 180-meter Azzam, built for the UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Eclipse is not an open charter market, but brokers say that the boat can be rented for € 3 million a week, and that the management and administration of the Eclipse owner-occupied structure, bypassing the agency. At the time of issuing the first yacht to charter market put forward the version that the yacht is advertised for rental only to minimize the operating tax.

Among Eclipse features - its ability to carry up to three helicopters and 16-meter swimming pool, turning into a dance floor, and 56-foot deck for private owner.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

Queen Miri

Length: 91 m 5

Shipyard: Neorion Shipyards

Price: € 1 825 million a week

Owner: Unknown

Built in 2004 under the name Annaliesse for Greek tycoon Andreas Liveras, a yacht at the time was the 29th largest yacht in the world. The ship's length - 85 meters, it can accommodate up to 36 guests. Immediately after yacht construction has been exposed by the owner to the charter market. In 2007 the boat was sold and renamed Delma buyer from the Middle East. Six years later, the yacht but again returned to the market and was sold to its current owner estimated at € 53 million, which renamed it Queen Miri.

After the transaction, followed by a 16-month Refit in Italy, during which it was replaced by the 80% of the interior of the boat, replace the engine, and the length of the vessel is increased by 6, 5 meters. Also at Queen Miri appeared flooded tender garage, which can be closed and turned into a heated saltwater pool.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

the Aquarius

Length: 92 m

Shipyard: Feadship

Price: about € 1-1, 5 million a week

Owner: Steve Wynn

Aquarius constructed under the codename Project Touchdown, its length is 92 meters. The vessel is replaced by billionaire Steve Wynn (№814 in the global ranking of the Forbes, the state $ 2, 5 billion) of his previous yacht - a 67-meter the Aquarius, sold it in 2015.

Among the features of the new Aquarius can note many panoramic windows throughout the yacht, as well as a swimming pool at the stern of the first deck and a gym with a balcony opening to the sea. The boat can accommodate up to 12 guests in 7 spacious cabins

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

Here Comes The Sun

Length: 83 m

Shipyard: Amels

Price: € 1 3 million a week

Owner: Alexander Japaridze

Built in 2016 in the Netherlands to Alexander Japaridze, Here Comes The Sun was the largest yacht ever built at Amels shipyard, as well as the fourth boat, named in honor of businessman Beatles songs. Recently, it is available for charter yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Among the distinctive features of the yacht - basin, as well as a large beach area, located just below the swimming pool with a relaxation area, sauna and gym. 83-meter boat are also a cinema and a large hot tub on the upper deck.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented


Length: 95 m

Shipyard: Lurssen

Price: € 1 to 2 million a week

Owner: Shahid Khan

Lurssen was established in 2014 by order of the American billionaire Shahid Khan. 95-meter yacht has become a replacement for the 68-meter yacht the previous owner. Kismet on the nose can be seen an iron statue of a jaguar, symbolic for Khan, who in 2011 bought the team American Football Jacksonville Jaguars for $ 760 million.

In the development of yacht design Han already envisaged the possibility that the yacht will be rented and used for corporate events. When the yacht is in port, on its five decks at the same time it can be located up to 270 people. Lurssen on board are also two screens, each two decks high, which shows the high-definition video.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented

Phoenix 2

Length: 90 m

Shipyard: Lurssen

Price: € 1 million a week

Owner: Jan Kulczyk

Ordered a multimillionaire from Poland Jan Kulczyk, Phoenix 2 is the second yacht built by Lurssen for a businessman. The first was a 61-meter yacht Phoenix, built six years before that. Both the first and the second yacht built by the design of the Andrew Winch, founder Winch Design. The second boat (Phoenix 2) specially brewed 100m railing of his idea.

Owner's cabin 2 located in Phoenix on yachts nose on two levels connected by a private staircase. It is made in Art Deco style and feature a private balcony on yacht nose with a private jacuzzi. There is also a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a second theater on the upper deck.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented


Length: 83 m 5

Shipyard: Feadship

Price: € 1 million a week

Owner: Lukas Lundin

One of the first examples of a hybrid boat, Savannah is equipped with electro-diesel engines that reduce noise when moving the boat, as well as reduce the amount of emissions. The vessel is owned by Lukas Lundin, a Swedish oil magnate whose family controls the company for mining and oil exploration Lundin Petroleum. Another innovation yacht - room "Nemo", which allows to watch the underwater world from the board. More traditional features of the Dutch yacht include a swimming pool, large master cabin with panoramic windows and a private balcony, as well as a gym with sea views, hammam and spa.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented


Length: 85 m

Shipyard: Lurssen

Cost: from € 1 million a week

Owner: Unknown

Built in 2013 under the code name "Nikki project," the 85-meter yacht was designed on the same engineering platform as the Phoenix 2. Sold Earlier this year at the asking price of € 155 million, has become the most expensive yacht sales in the secondary yacht the market this year.

With the design of the Espein Oeino and Rodriguez Interiors, Solandge was built on Lurssen shipyard in Germany. Among its features - glass tree "growing" through all 5 decks of the main stairs. Main cabin located at the bow, equipped with a private balcony with a jacuzzi. On the second deck of the yacht, you can also find a large swimming pool.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented


Length: 85 m 6

Shipyard: Derecktor

Price: € 945 000 per week

Owner: Unknown

Formerly known as of Cakewalk, 85-meter Aquila was the largest yacht ever built in America. In 2014, the yacht was sold at an asking price of € 119 million and renamed its current owner in Aquila.

After the transaction has begun a 12-month Refit in the English shipyard Pendennis, mainly concentrated on the interior of the yacht. Aquila is now also become the largest yacht ever last renovation in England, during which its main cabin completely redesigned.

The best yachts in the world, which can be rented


Length: 81 8 m

Shipyard: Abeking & Rasmussen

Price: € 875 000 per week

Owner: Unknown Romea was commissioned in 2015 by the German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen. In the same year she entered the charter market, and a few weeks after it was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The interior created by designer Terence Disdale, made with cream tones with dark wood. Ships intervene up to 12 guests. On Romea you can find a cinema, a spa area, a Jacuzzi, as well as the two tenders.

Cloud 9

Length: 74 m

Shipyard: CRN

Price: € 875 000 per week

Owner: Unknown

Cloud 9 has replaced its previous owner 61-meter vessel and became the second largest yacht built by the Italian shipyard CRN (part of the Ferretti Group). The design is executed Winch, the boat can stir up to 12 guests in eight cabins and 22 crew person.

On the yacht, you can find a large beach club with a fold-sea platform, located directly under the pool with a glass bottom. The main cabin is equipped with panoramic windows and access to a private balcony.