"I am no longer me." Reddit users diagnosed with schizophrenia, talk about how they realized that they began to "leak roof" (Part 1)

Any mental illnesses cause a number of symptoms, but the onset of schizophrenia is probably the worst. But what a man feels when he is just beginning to develop the disease?

According to numerous stories about mental illness collected on Reddit, the onset of schizophrenia like a nightmare. Different voices, hallucinations, paranoia - are just some of the symptoms of this terrible disease. The above phenomenon may be increased if the external environment and the human patient environment contributes to this. In addition, it is important to take into account the level of human stress. What it is, the symptoms will be expressed more brightly, and the lower it is, the more they will be correspondingly lower, or will be at a certain level.

Unfortunately, at this stage there is any treatment that can completely cure the person. He must throughout his life observed by doctors. Fortunately, some Reddit users who are sick with the disease, had the courage to talk about it. When a person is sick with schizophrenia, but it gets the necessary treatment, he can live quite a normal life: to communicate with friends, family, go to school and so on. So, let's get to the main part of this article, where people share what they felt at the beginning of a terrible illness like schizophrenia.

"You do not know that you're crazy as a psychiatrist will tell you that"

"My first ghost of what was happening to me something strange were voices. When I walked down the street, walking in the park or even just sitting on his bed, then I began to hear what I like, someone calls, but every time I turned around and looked around, then around there was no one who could would call me. Then came the hallucinations. I have seen large concentrations of black flies and beetles that flooded my house. In fact, it is true that many people say, "Do not you know you're crazy, while the psychiatrist will tell you that." At the moment I am treated and can already see the improvement. My therapist helps me fine, and I hope I can soon live the life that I had before the illness "- shared his story user under the name Destino23.

"My" family "is always with me"

"I started talking to imaginary people. These conversations were very frequent, and they brought me pleasure. Yes, it was fun. It seems that you are not alone, you have your "family", if it can be called so. The people with whom I spoke were very, very real to me. These were not the only voices and imaginary likeness of any physical form, it was the "real" people to me, and each of them had their own stories: life, love, family, and so on. They appeared when I was at rest: lying, standing, sitting, and so on. It was easy enough to move his hand or foot, they stopped their conversations and fell silent. If I, for example, I was in a public place, then I had to loud answer to their question, so that they all fell silent again.

Yes, this behavior attracted the attention of people, and it was uncomfortable to be in society. It was at that moment I realized that it is not like the others. The hardest part of hallucinations - this is when it disappears. At some point, I can not understand how my own mind has created all this so realistic. What generally is the reality? Why do you consider yourself to be more real than the person with whom I spoke? At the moment I can hear all of them and talk to them. They are as real to me like you and like me. Yes, I'm going through therapy, and I talk a lot, and most importantly, I learned a lot. But today, I still can not say goodbye to them, despite the fact that I am not like everyone else. " The history of the user under the nickname Kitorolo.

"I fell to the ground in tears, when I looked at the sky, which was burning"

"I was diagnosed with schizophrenia six years ago, but the symptoms of the disease appeared long before that. For me it all started with a panic attack. It was a terrible time, because this is my condition could last very long (from two days to a week). I felt an incredible power anytime, anywhere. I WAS VERY ILL. I could not realize what is happening, where I am, and so on. I was constantly afraid and anxious. But, like everything else in this world, my state was held briefly, but before that happened just a blast. I could start screaming, running around the house, collect things, incoherent talking, jerky and more. The first time I realized that it is likely I suffer from schizophrenia, was the case with my friends. It seemed to me that they are planning something bad against me, and I decided to run away from them. Hiding in the nearby woods, I fell to the ground and began to cry. When I rubbed my eyes and looked up at the sky, then it was flushed. After a couple of hours, I was in a mental hospital. "