"Perky at you here, do not say anything, of course!" Or animals that some people are used to eating live

When it comes to food, people tend to fall into two types: first the habit ordered the same food in the places that are visited always, while the second type of people love to seek adventure on his stomach, and always on the lookout for what would such a try new.

It is in search of new dishes of different human eyes can fall such that would cause in the head as soon as a lot of disputes and something like "Oh my God, I want to try it ?!" or "No, well, I, Of course, I love all the unusual, but it's really eating? WTF ?! ". In this article, we decided to tell you and demonstrate what is very strange dishes are served in some restaurants. Their responses, please share in the comments.

San Shi Er

What do we do if we see in this or that restaurant peacefully running through the tables mouse? Of course, initially Orem in a loud voice, and only then call the administrator, and at times even called in sanepidemkontrol. For some mouse - a very cute creatures, but for others - just awful awful, but for a restaurant - it's just food. Yes, yes, you heard right. San Shi Er means "three squeak", and in one restaurant is the name of one dish, the main ingredient of which is a small little mice stand. So why the "three squeak"? Quite simply, gentlemen! It is believed that while eating pups they produce exactly three squeak. The first occurs when they are placed on the plate, the second when they pour the sauce, and the third in the mouth in humans.

Live fish in a bucket and a bowl of hot soup

If you do not have pups came to taste, then do not worry because there are other creatures, which can be dipped in sauce and eat still alive. There is one version of dishes, which is suitable for any kind of event - a bucket of live fish and a bowl of soup. Last year it was filmed a video where a few people sitting around bucket with fish and a bowl of soup. Using chopsticks, they bend over a bucket of live fish, grab their prey and thrown into the hot broth where the fish begins to beat in agony, well after this execution, they eat it quietly. It is thought that the video was filmed in southern China. This conclusion was made on the basis of dialect, which can be heard in the background.


Chances are you have not thought about the monkeys as a meal, but for many people in the world eating meat of this animal is like eating chicken. The majority of fans of such "exotic" can be found in isolated forest tribes, for example, in the Amazon rainforest where monkeys are common in the same way as any other animal. But even if some tribes do not see much of a problem in eating monkey meat, you probably think that other people are against this idea. But we can assure you that you are deeply mistaken (Right here is very deep). Monkeys are extremely common in Cambodia, and there, these animals are not considered to be some very important protected species.

Monkeys can safely catch and shoot, as much as necessary. This may explain why people do not have problems with them are consumed, but at the same time it is a little explain why some people prefer to have more brains in a living animal. Pre-Monkey catch, bind and cut the legs scalp. Then they are placed under the table, which has a specially made aperture for the head, and you end up with something in a bowl with brains. In addition to the guarantee of freshness, it is done on the belief that the fear that the test animal will make its meat is much better.


Various kinds of live shrimp can be enjoyed not only in Japan or China. If you live in the States, just go to the restaurant "Slow Fish", which is located in Los Angeles. Here you can easily order a portion of the so-called "dancing shrimp" who have earned a nickname from the fact that their paws, tails and body convulse when the dish is served at the table. Very cute, is not it? Shrimp beheaded, cut the shell and still alive immediately served to the table. When the body and head is still moving, the bulk of the shrimp eaten immediately. It is believed that they should be there as soon as the plate appeared in front of you. That way you can feel like they are still convulse in your mouth. You know, even nothing to add.


A lot of speculation in recent years that, due to the rapid growth of global indicators of the population, we may have to resort to the use of insects to satisfy our demand for food. Some insects are already common snack in certain countries and celebrities such as Salma Hayek recognized that for bolting down cockroaches like candy. In 2012, more than 30 people competed in the competition-eating cockroaches in Florida, where the winner was very well rewarded. Unfortunately, the competition did not pass well, and 32-year-old participant gasped as he is reported to have eaten more than a dozen of these creatures. Yes, eating cockroaches - the matter purely for the amateur, but if they were not in demand, or to fry them in such large quantities?