How do you know that you have found "their man"

How to understand that the person with whom you are dating really is right for you?

How do you know that you have found

For many of us resemble modern bye run through a minefield. There are so many unwritten rules that are very easy to break some of them. And here is a man that you really like, suddenly sends you to ignore, and you sit back and reflect on its last phrase, trying to understand what you did wrong. And even when you have already begun to meet someone, the problem does not end there. You constantly gnawing doubt whether you made a mistake with the choice, suddenly your ideal somewhere else waiting for you?

When it's time to stop? Experienced psychologists share tips on how to determine what is "your" people.

1. They are "bar test"

When you come with a new partner in a bar (cafe, restaurant), listen to yourself. You look around, fearing that someone saw you together? Or on the contrary, you want to see you all? If the latter is true, then your partner has passed "bar test". If not, think about my choice again.

2. They do not keep you as a "reserve airfield"

A person who genuinely admires you, will not push you into the background. One form of unhealthy relationships is the "sabotage" of one partner by the other. It is unlikely that you need it.

3. They do not try to change your

Listen to the signals your heart, called intuition. It can send an alert. If your partner will not accept you for who you are, rather than trying to change - it's a sign of the controlling person. He will never treat you differently.

4. They fit into your environment

A good indication that someone is right for you - if you can present it in other situations of his life. Does he get along with your friends and family? Do you get along with his loved ones? Do you have common interests that form a basis for future mutual understanding? If the answer is "yes", then you are on the right track.

5. They listen to you

One of the hallmarks of a suitable partner - he / she shows a genuine interest in your life and your words, and also remembers where you have been told. If on the contrary, you will play the role of a listener, it is unlikely such a person is interested in communicating with you. And then everything will only get worse.

6. If you are happy, they are happy, too,

This is really important if you like to bring joy to each other. In those couples where the partner's interests are put on a par with his or greater, the relationship is stronger than where everyone pursues only its own goals.

7. If you are upset, they support you

One of the main indicators - as a person behaves in those moments when you are in sorrow, in tears, at the peak of emotion. whether they sympathize with? Show attention, putting his affairs? Trying to console or just a hug? It seems that it is easy, but says a lot about a person. If he / she criticizes your emotional outburst, considering your reaction excessive, it is worth paying attention to. Maybe later you yourself decide that you have reacted inappropriately, but it is important to understand whether the partner is listening to your mood.

8. They do not cross the line

Be aware of the boundaries is very important. In a healthy relationship requires the ability to solve conflicts without killing each other. The dispute - it is rather an opportunity to feel how the brain of your partner and learn from each other, moving in the same direction.

9. The balance is in their favor

When your head is shrouded in the fog of love, the quiet voice of intuition is not easy to hear. Ask yourself, "What would I put in the first place, if you would like to understand what's wrong?" This will help to wake up your intuition. In your list of deficiencies can be a partner of ten points, and the list of the entire thousand merits, but allow yourself to think it through those ten. If you think you can put up with them, then everything is fine, continue to love.