Rules of Life actor Daniel Radcliffe

• The rules of life of the actor Daniel Radcliffe

Rules of Life actor Daniel Radcliffe

As a child I wanted to become Michael Caine.

I can not afford not to do what I do not.

I love New York. In Britain, no surprise London accent, and then you receive your style.

I am a feminist.

I do not have accounts in social networks, because I'm too categorical. I was angry, if someone says something about someone of my friends. I will continually hold skirmish.

He caught me in the jungle, hoping to be nothing. I was not a Boy Scout, I even fire can not be diluted.

I love cricket, but do not play it. Coordination of movements I had terrible.

After I read the rap Jimmy Fallon, I was constantly asked if I was a hip-hop fan. Yes, but much better than I know punk and indie - I grew up on them.

I do not want to say that listening to Eminem, and be like all the white guys. But it is so. Although I began to understand better in recent years in hip-hop.

I'm going to do directing. And because I do not want to ruin someone else's script, I write my. If I nalazhal, at least I will not feel guilty. I have a whole list of directors with whom I would like to work. It Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen brothers, Martin McDonagh and Quentin Tarantino. Although I can not imagine, what role could give me Tarantino, but you never know.

I've never played a terrible psychopath who does horrible things, but recently I was offered something similar, and it is something that is necessary.

Any role and any script, if they are written well enough - it is an opportunity. I do not think there is anything that I could immediately reject.

I always ask myself if I like the script and my part if I did something like this before. Now I only captures something completely new. Everything else does not matter. Previously, I still wondered if the film is successful, but the more I do not ask myself this question.

What I do not want to do is complain. I do not want to talk about the difficulties of filming.

I love the NFL - a passion the last five years. Sunday I fully dedicate that to do it all up to five hours, and then park on the couch and seven hours watching American football. It's great! I do not very well know how to handle their money. But, fortunately, in my life there are people who know how.

I was lucky enough that fell this career and this role on me, for which I was paid very well. The most important thing for me in this - that I can not worry about money.

If someone said to me: "Wow, you have spent a lot of money on it" - this would apply to air travel. It is unlikely that in my life there is anything else that can be considered wasteful.

On set, I feel at home. But the scene is not to relax, so the theater helps me stay in shape.

With the theater, as with everything else, if you start to deal with it seriously, you will be respected.

I still want to prove that those who thought that after Potter's nothing I can, wrong.

The connection between me, Rupert and Emma (Watson and Grint -. Esquire) will never disappear. We will always be happy to see each other. But I lie if I say that we are constantly hanging out together.