Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki - one of the greatest masters of his time animation. All of them started an anime full of good, magic and infinite wisdom. Touching, with a thin thread of psychology they are able to cause range of emotions and soften even the most callous heart.

His characters are sincerely empathize.

Colorful, designed to the last detail, his cartoons are called to gather to see not only children but also adults. The man who worked all his life to create these masterpieces sensitive and kind heart and definitely has its own philosophy of life.

Our site offers to get acquainted with the most vivid expressions of the outstanding animator, talking about his life and creative principles.

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

It is necessary to look at the world through the eyes, not clouded by hatred. Notice the bad and good in good to bad. Do not give in advance the choice of any one party, but try to keep the balance that exists between them.

Never I will not make films, which will tell the children: "You should give up and surrender to."

One-piece world is created from many small pieces. And chaos.

Are there any difference between a person in the 18 and 60 years of age? I believe in the soul, we remain the same.

Modern life is empty, barren and false. I look forward to when developers go bankrupt, Japan will become poorer, but because the ground will sprout wild grass.

These days, if the screen shows the evil, then it will certainly be destroyed. In my opinion, this is a disgusting trend. The principle asserts that is sure to be punished someone specific, does not work for every crime committed in our life and in politics.

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

When I think about how computers have completely replaced a few aspects of our lives, it makes me sad. When we did an animation of fire, some of my employees admitted that they never saw the burning firewood. I told them: "So go and have a look! "Previously, Japanese baths used wood, but now only need to press a button. But how can you become an animator, not having such an experience?

In the past, people were not so easy to decide to take another life, not even human. But now society has changed, and it is built on different principles. With the growth of our abilities, we became arrogant and lost the true meaning of the phrase "I have no choice". The very essence of our civilization - is the desire to become rich in spite of everything, taking the lives of other creatures.

I would like to create a picture of, which will explain to our children, how good to be alive.

I am very pessimistic person. But when, for example, some of my co-workers have a child, I wish him the best of the future. After all, I do not tell the child: "You know, you should not have to appear in this world". But I do understand that the world is moving in the wrong direction. And with these conflicting thoughts in my head I think about what movies should do.

How do I work? I am thinking. Thoughts. Again conceive. If you find a more efficient way, be sure to let me know.

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

We are deprived of the opportunity to choose the time and place of our birth. We choose one path in life and lose the opportunity to see where we would have brought countless other roads. And I think that for this reason, fantasy worlds of cartoons so exactly coincide with our hopes and aspirations. They illustrate the world of our lost opportunities. I never read reviews of critics. They told me just not particularly interesting. Watch the reaction of the audience - is another matter.

Many of my films have strong character - brave, self-sufficient women who fight for what they believe with all their heart. They need a friend or a helper, but certainly not a savior. I believe that every woman can be a hero to the same extent as men.

In "Ponyo" I talked about pollution, but simply pointless to rant about it. Better not sit and complain, and get up and pick up trash. Incidentally, I do this, and every morning at my house on the river bank. And this time, I spend it with pleasure.

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki

My favorite part of "Ponyo" - this is the final credits. You will not find in them any indication positions. In alphabetical order the names of all those who put the film in hand. And large investors, and the youngest workers were represented equally in them. There's even a nickname can be found three stray cats that live near the studio.

I believe that children's souls inherit the historical memory of previous generations of. Just as they grow older, and knowledge of the world of memory is less and less. And if I can make a film that will awaken her, I will die a happy man.

Rules of Life Hayao Miyazaki