Stories of deception in the name of love

Stories of deception in the name of love

If you are in love, but made a mistake, you have two options. You can: a) learn the lesson and explain honestly with his half, or b) do something completely crazy like staging his own death in order to be recognized, that left raised seat on the toilet.

Our heroes have chosen the second option.

Blackmail former girlfriend

Ex-girlfriend Lee Richardson began to receive threatening phone calls from strangers. Different voices on the other end claimed that her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and threatened to kill him if he becomes a regular basis to pay a certain amount. Frightened, the girl agreed to the kidnappers and left for a few thousand dollars from November to July, in the mailbox.

When she still stopped to pay the kidnappers stole her car - to show that they are not going to have the "joking". The strange thing is that the gangsters all the time aggressively sought the money is from her, not from friends or relatives nearby Richardson.

Stories of deception in the name of love

"And in any case, do not go to his house, there is something it is not exactly"

Recently, the police finally stopped the stolen vehicle on the highway. I looked - at the wheel of a stolen Richardson himself. It turned out, he organized all of this to get back at ex-girlfriend. Richardson did not count on the intervention of the police, obviously, he was going to be "stolen" by the end of days.

Forgetting to order at a restaurant wedding, the groom calls and reports bomb threat

Waking up in the morning on the day of their wedding, Neil MakAdl remembered that not booked St. George's Hall for the grand wedding there. Leave no option but for a quick sign to offer the bride in the parking lot, because it is so extraordinary and romantic.

Stories of deception in the name of love

"Yes, I'm telling you, it's all the rage, I read about it on the Internet"

It would seem that the only option in such a situation - to meet with a girl, with whom he longed to spend the rest of life, and admit that just forgot. However, Neil came up with what seemed to him a much better solution: call the police and say that St. George's Hall mined and all you need to evacuate immediately.

He believed that the way to win a bit of time (albeit that he was going to do with him, it is not clear). He brought to the proposed location of the wedding the bride and all the guests that they saw with their own eyes what was going on.

As a result, the hapless groom made himself charged with a criminal offense, and the most offensive, that it is absolutely meaningless.

Imitation robbery to avoid paying alimony

Ravi Kumar of India was in a difficult situation - his wife Soro not only wanted to divorce him, but demanded a half million rupees maintenance (about 24 thousand dollars). Rather than discuss everything with his wife directly or through an intermediary, Kumar went to the police and said that four men broke into his house and robbed him. He decided that the court did not require him to payment of such a huge amount, taking into account the recent robbery. However, he did not think that the thieves could not steal the money, which he has not earned, because there are monthly payments.

Stories of deception in the name of love

"... and then they told me that even with the help of a time machine stole money that I earn in the future, and more, that Soro terribly put on weight"

His brilliant plan was foiled when the police launched an investigation only. They walked around his house and found no trace of a robbery (even all the jewels his mother had been in place, though, allegedly Kumar, during the robbery, she was at home). None of his neighbors or passing while not noticed by the people in that day, nothing suspicious. Later, Kumar admitted to cheating, finally trying to blame everything on the poltergeist.

The man faked his own kidnapping to just carousing with friends

Rogelio Andaverde decided to go have fun with your friends, but instead of just telling his wife about it, asked two of his friends to wear masks, burst into the house and drag him into the night. Such a method is to walk it seemed much easier.

Stories of deception in the name of love

"Give me one true conversation that would have saved the relationship"

His frightened wife immediately called the police, who searched all night Andaverde via helicopter - of course, to no avail. Two days later, Rogelio returned home and claimed that the kidnappers released him cute (and this after gunpoint taken away at night from the house!)

No one believed this absolutely stupid story, and Rogelio was accused of a crime. However, the sheriff believed that the punishment that awaits him at home after a few days he had in mortal terror wife will be much worse than prison.